Cash flow management service from Small Axe Consulting.

Cash Flow Management

Identify areas for potential savings, use your resources wisely, and improve your cash flow figures.

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graphic outlining the areas of operations management

Operational Systems & Processes

Well-documented, logical, and efficient operational systems are vital for a strong foundation.

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hand drawing flow chart on board

Business Process Improvement

Minimize errors, reduce waste, improve productivity and streamline efficiency.

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wooden blocks with the elements of pricing strategy

Pricing, Product Cost & Cost of Goods Sold

Dynamic pricing models that are detailed, precise, accurate, and easy-to-use.

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hand drawing business plan components on board

Business Plan Creation & Evaluation

A realistic vision for the future of your business, enabling investment and growth.

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financial charts on computer screen sitting on desk

Budgeting & Financial Modeling

Forecasting your financial performance and analyzing 'what-if' scenarios.

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SWOT Analysis binder and paperwork on desk with pen

SWOT & Market Analyses

Develop a full awareness of all the factors involved in making good business decisions.

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Young business people working on developing business strategy

Strategy, Leadership & Coaching

Conquer your objectives and initiatives while developing strong leadership skills.

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waiter talking to happy couple in restaurant

Customer Service & Vendor Relations

It's vital to create satisfying, ongoing relationships with customers and vendors.

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Two women partners in their shop with open sign

Lease Negotiations & Location Evaluations

The right location with a lease that protects your interests and works to your best advantage.

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Three men reviewing business statistics charts doing a business evaluation

Business Evaluation & Next Steps Plans

Move your business forward with confidence in your decisions.

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