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Cash flow management service from Small Axe Consulting.

Cash Flow Management

Identify areas for potential savings, use your resources wisely, and improve your cash flow figures.

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graphic outlining the areas of operations management

Operational Systems & Processes

Well-documented, logical, and efficient operational systems are vital for a strong foundation.

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Business Process Improvement

Minimize errors, reduce waste, improve productivity and streamline efficiency.

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wooden blocks with the elements of pricing strategy

Pricing, Product Cost & Cost of Goods Sold

Dynamic pricing models that are detailed, precise, accurate, and easy-to-use.

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hand drawing business plan components on board

Business Plan Creation & Evaluation

A realistic vision for the future of your business, enabling investment and growth.

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financial charts on computer screen sitting on desk

Budgeting & Financial Modeling

Forecasting your financial performance and analyzing 'what-if' scenarios.

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SWOT Analysis binder and paperwork on desk with pen

SWOT & Market Analyses

Develop a full awareness of all the factors involved in making good business decisions.

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Young business people working on developing business strategy

Strategy, Leadership & Coaching

Conquer your objectives and initiatives while developing strong leadership skills.

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waiter talking to happy couple in restaurant

Customer Service & Vendor Relations

It's vital to create satisfying, ongoing relationships with customers and vendors.

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Two women partners in their shop with open sign

Lease Negotiations & Location Evaluations

The right location with a lease that protects your interests and works to your best advantage.

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Three men reviewing business statistics charts doing a business evaluation

Business Evaluation & Next Steps Plans

Move your business forward with confidence in your decisions.

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About Us

We help small businesses that are experiencing growing pains with tailor-made solutions.

This is accomplished by bridging the gap between needs and desired results across operations, finance, leadership, and strategy functions.


Enter the time slot into your calendar with a notification so that we don’t catch you by surprise. We understand that you may be on another call or tied up in a meeting that extended past the allotted time, so we’ll leave a voicemail. We will keep your time slot for you, so just return our call within your scheduled time frame.

Please have any documents and supporting information that you may think we’ll need to dig into the issue(s) that you stated on the online form. We’ll be using that form as the basis of our discussion topics and questions.

Traditionally, the quickest method to begin the process is to choose the soonest day and time from the Appointment Calendar. Make sure you complete the online form, available once you select your day and time, so that your request will be sent to us for confirmation.

Should you need immediate assistance, click here to fill out an online form without selecting a day and time. We will do our best to respond with our earliest appointment. Ideally it will be earlier than any time slots on the appointment calendar.

We would be amiss if we told you that we have first-hand expert knowledge of every business in every industry. That would be impossible. However, we are very confident that our systems, methods, and tried-and-true processes are universally effective and yield desired results regardless of the specific industry.

If we believe that we won’t be able to help navigate you to your desired results, then we will not hesitate to communicate that following our free introductory session. Your success is how we evaluate our performance. If you aren’t better off after working with us then we have failed and that is more important to us than collecting a fee and struggling to add value to your project.

Consultant working on small business strategy

I’ve worked at a wide range of establishments and I’ve never dealt with a business owner quite like Danny Massare. Danny is very systematic in his operational approach and values the automation of operational procedures. As someone who has witnessed the success of his approach I can confidently say Danny is and will continue to be a master of business ownership and operation.

Ryan R.