Enter the time slot into your calendar with a notification so that we don’t catch you by surprise. We understand that you may be on another call or tied up in a meeting that extended past the allotted time, so we’ll leave a voicemail. We will keep your time slot for you, so just return our call within your scheduled time frame.

Please have any documents and supporting information that you may think we’ll need to dig into the issue(s) that you stated on the online form. We’ll be using that form as the basis of our discussion topics and questions.

Traditionally, the quickest method to begin the process is to choose the soonest day and time from the Appointment Calendar. Make sure you complete the online form, available once you select your day and time, so that your request will be sent to us for confirmation.

Should you need immediate assistance, click here to fill out an online form without selecting a day and time. We will do our best to respond with our earliest appointment. Ideally it will be earlier than any time slots on the appointment calendar.

We would be amiss if we told you that we have first-hand expert knowledge of every business in every industry. That would be impossible. However, we are very confident that our systems, methods, and tried-and-true processes are universally effective and yield desired results regardless of the specific industry.

If we believe that we won’t be able to help navigate you to your desired results, then we will not hesitate to communicate that following our free introductory session. Your success is how we evaluate our performance. If you aren’t better off after working with us then we have failed and that is more important to us than collecting a fee and struggling to add value to your project.

Yes, we are absolutely able to successfully work together on most projects online and over the phone. We understand that many people are sensitive to meeting new people physically due to concerns regarding the spread of germs and contagious illnesses.

Should we determine that physically working together is most beneficial for the successful completion of the project, we will make accommodations.

Simply click here to schedule an online appointment. You will have the option to choose the day and the time that works best for you based on the time slots that work with our calendar.

Once you’ve chosen your time slot you will be prompted to complete a form online prior to the confirmation of our exploratory session. It is important that you complete this form thoughtfully so that we may be better prepared to help us uncover the specific needs where we may be able to help you.

Once we review the form we will confirm your meeting. We will receive a notification that your session is pending and will make it a priority to respond.

In general, the typical fee for consulting services is evaluated based on 10% of the value that the successful completion of your project will generate in either savings, income, or labor value of time. That’s a long-winded way of saying it depends, and we will have a much better answer once we complete the free exploratory process. Click here to use our online appointment system to schedule your free exploratory session.

We practice a fair and equal rate based on equal variables to all of our clients either by the hour, day, project, or sometimes our clients needs to have us on a retainer agreement. There are options and we will present them following our initial consultation.

We can promise you that we will price our services with fairness. There are some occasions where we would need to reduce our standard rates or increase them based on extenuating circumstances. And we may have different rates for charity, non-profit, and not-for-profit businesses than we do for-profit businesses. We have been in your shoes before, understand that financial decisions are not to be taken lightly, and you must receive fair value from your monetary investments.